My account has been banned/disabled/permanently restricted!

First, sit down and think for a short while. Have you used any third-party cheating utilities or any other programs to try and get an edge over other users? Have you been making multiple accounts or otherwise violating our community rules?

If any of these sound familiar to you - then you have discovered the reason behind your ban without even having to send a ticket to!

Rarely, if ever, are such actions carried out by our account support team without evidence behind them. In the game's history, less than a dozen cases have resulted in improper bans - it is EXTREMELY unlikely that your case is one of these.

Be truthful with us about the usage of any third-party cheating utilities or the creation of extra accounts. If you are found to be lying to us, we will cease responding to your tickets and prevent you from making any further ones.

You will remain banned for a period of at LEAST three (3) months from the time of your initial ban/restriction.

After this point, we will accept a single appeal from you regarding the status of your account. This appeal must include substantial, well-thought out reasoning as to why we should consider allowing you another chance in the osu! community, and how we can be assured that you will not simply infringe again at a later point in the future.

We reserve the right to deny any and all appeal possibility based on a user's history, especially if it is particularly severe.

Users that are banned after having returned from a successful appeal will be permanently and irrevocably removed from the community, with no chance of reprieve or appeal. We will no longer respond to any correspondence sent by them through any channel, either.