What does the official support for tournaments include?

Officially supported tournaments, at the discretion of the tournament team, may gain a number of benefits. These include (but are not limited to):

  • osu!supporter prizes for the winners and (potentially) runners-up temporary use of the official osu!tourney tournament client for streaming and broadcasting
  • Accreditation of the osu! team for providing prizes is required.

osu!supporter prizes are typically only given out to events or tournaments that are already well established and have a reputation for being organized and consistent.

Usually supporter prizes are limited to at most 3 months for the winning team, 2 months for the second place team, and 1 month for the third place team, but this may vary on a per-case basis. Teams may not exceed more than 5 people to be considered for osu!supporter prizes.

Tournament teams interested in obtaining these benefits need only to include their request in the initial query to the tournament staff for official support. The team member assigned to your request will handle the rest, and any questions you might have.