The LEDs on my osu! nono keyboard aren't working!

Unfortunately, this is a relatively common issue with the nono keyboard. Many of the first nono keyboard units shipped were inadvertently sent with faulty LEDs, which require replacement.

However, the LEDs on the nono keyboard are also prone to corrosion interfering with the connection between the equipment and the mainboard.

To determine if your osu! nono keyboard LEDs are faulty, please undertake the following steps:

  • Identify which LED is not functioning as it should be. Remember this side.
  • Gently prise the LEDs from beneath the key switches with a pair of tweezers or other gripping device, remembering which LED came from which slot.
  • Swap the LEDs around and return them to their housing. For example, place the LED taken from the left key to the right key, and so on.

You may also wish to try rubbing the base of the LEDs connectors with a small piece of aluminum foil to remove any oxidation that could be interfering with the connection, but this is entirely optional. If this has fixed your problem, then the issue was almost certainly oxidation on the LED connectors interfering with the device's functioning. If this issue reoccurs, you know how to fix it next time!

If the "faulty" LED works when moved to the alternate slot, but the new LED inserted into the previous slot does not work, then there is an issue with your unit's mainboard. You can request a replacement to be sent by sending an email to

If the "faulty" LED does not work when moved to the alternate slot, but the other LED does, then the LED is indeed faulty and subject to a replacement. Email and request a replacement to be sent, detailing that you followed the instructions in this article.

If neither LED works after swapping (and they didn't before), then they're probably both broken. While we cannot conclude whether the mainboard is broken if both do not function, we will be happy to send out replacement LEDs for you to test before we send out a replacement unit entirely. Again, contact and detail that you followed the steps in this article.