My computer doesn't recognize the osu!go when I plug it in!

One of the very first shipments of the osu!go USB sticks contained units that were formatted in a manner that is not compatible with all PCs. Don't worry, your sticks aren't broken, they just need a little bit done to them!

Firstly, here are the files we included on the osu!go:

In order to make the drive usable, it depends on what you can see.

Right click on your Start button and choose "Disk Management"

If you see the osu!usb drive come up but in a RAW state (, right click on the RAW partition and "Format" it to NTFS or ExFAT (ExFAT is compatible with more devices, but slightly slower).

If it comes up but is unrecognised, you will need to partition it from scratch. Please follow this guide for details on how to do that. Once partitioned appropriately, simply follow the step above this one to format it properly, then place the files from into the drive, and you're done!

If you encounter any issues, please send an email to and we'd be happy to help you out.