What is "restricted" mode, exactly?

Restricted mode is automatically applied to accounts that are suspected of breaking our ToS rules regarding the use of third-party programs or creating multiple accounts, or for any other reason that we believe warrants investigation.

While restricted, an account is incapable of interacting meaningfully with the osu! online community at large. Scores submitted in restricted mode are saved, but are not visible to any other user.

Restricted mode is not a cause for concern unless you have knowingly done something wrong. Users placed into restricted mode are done so with a considerable degree of brevity - it is used in many situations where we feel deep investigation is warranted, and should not be taken by users to infer guilt or wrongdoing when placed initially.

In many cases, the status will be removed automatically after 24 hours if it is made in error. If not, please be patient. Sometimes this can happen while we are further investigating your account for suspected theft or foul-play.

If your account remains restricted for longer than a week, it is advised that you fill out form linked on the page that appears when you login to the website or on the link above in any page, as seen below:

Whatever you do, do not attempt to make an additional account to circumvent the status. This is grounds for immediate disabling of both your main account and the newly registered account. Do not attempt to play using a friend's account either as this will result in your friend's account being restricted as well.

We highly recommend being truthful and entirely honest with the support staff when inquiring about your restricted mode status, should it not be removed automatically after a week. We do not entertain excuses and lies, and you risk permanently losing the ability to play osu! online by doing so.