I can't login or connect to the game at all!

Please ensure that osu! is allowed full access through whichever firewall or anti-virus software you are using - internet connectivity is required to log into our game servers.

Even if your firewall policy allows other games through without adding exceptions, try adding one for osu! - it'll probably help!

If you are still having issues connecting to our game servers, please submit a support ticket by sending an e-mail to accounts@ppy.sh containing a trace route output log to the following addresses: cho.ppy.sh, osu.ppy.sh & m1.ppy.sh.

You can do this by opening the command prompt and typing tracert <address>. For example: tracert cho.ppy.sh. To open the command prompt press and hold the windows key and press R, and then type cmd and click OK. (See this page for more information.)

If you have a network.log file in the Logs folder (found in the osu! installation folder) please attach this file to your email after reproducing your issue.